The TROUT is evolving to include so much more than public transit!

Although the TROUT is still very much dedicated to connecting our community with our public transit service, we are excited to be able to provide opportunities of adventure and discovery near and far with day trips, tours, and charters now available.

Day trips are scheduled in advance and are available to everyone. They are great if you are looking to discover North Hastings and the surrounding area, to get involved in local events and to meet new people along the way. These Day Trips include the same community centered TROUT experience that we pride ourselves on.

You can find out where the TROUT is headed for day trips this summer by visiting the ‘Day Trips’ page under the ‘Trout Tours and Charters’ tab, or by looking at the ‘News’ section of our website.
To register for one of the day trips or to find out more information on the trips that are scheduled you can email Melissa at: or call 613 332-5757.

 If you want more than just a day trip, a TROUT tour might be what you’re looking for. These tours offer 2 or 3 days of exploration and discovery! We have some great tours available in the coming months; click on the titles which interest you, under the ‘Trout Tours and Charters’ tab, to find out more. 

Now, if you know where you want to go but aren’t sure of how to make it happen, you can now charter the TROUT for your wedding, group outing, school trip, or family adventure! For more information visit the “Charters” page under the ‘Trout Tours and Charters’ tab.