Transit Schedule

TROUT Updated Schedule

Public Transit for everyone in North Hastings and Highlands East.

Weekly Bus Schedule 613-332-5757

In-Town Schedule 10:00am-2:00am. Tuesdays & Fridays

Valley View Apartments- 10:00 am

Riverside Chateau- 10:08 am

No Frills- 10:12 am

Loyalist College- 10:14 am

Eagles Nest Plaza- 10:15 am

York River Heights- 10:17 am

Foodland- 10:19 am

Canadian Tire- 10:20 am

Home Hardware- 10:24 am

Millennium Park- 10:25 am

Shopper’s Drug Mart- 10:29 am

Brooks Building- 10:30 am

IDA- 10:32 am

Stedmans- 10:35 am

Riverstone- 10:38 am

CCNH Wellness Hub- 10:40 am

TD Bank- 10:40 am

O’Shaughnessy’s- 10:46 am

Post Office- 10:48 am

CCNH/Manor/Hospital/NHFHI- 10:47 am

Bancroft FHT-Oak Street- 10:50 am

Valley View Apartments- 11:00 am

Sunday service is available every week for local Church and other services. Call 613 332-5757 and 613 332-8735 to leave a message for the Sunday driver. $6:00 return.


Bancroft-$2.00 per ride; convenience 20/$35.00

Sunday Bird’s Creek 1/$3.00 OR 20/$50.00

Fridays: Cardiff $16 return-includes all Bancroft stops; Seniors and Students $14.00 OR convenience pass; 10 single rides for $55.00

Coe Hill Public Transit 1ST of every month.

TROUT public transit also provides service for those with physical challenges. Please be patient with us on our hourly route. We will pick you up at approximately the times listed!

If you want an exact time of pick up, call the driver at 613 332-8735.

Monthly TROUT Trips and Excursions are available. Check with the Driver for upcoming events.

Not-For-Profit, FOR PURPOSE!

Fridays Schedule every week: Cardiff

Leave Bancroft- 8:00 am

McGillvray Road- 8:45 am

Cardiff Community Centre- 9:00 am

Paudash- Jack’s Meats- 9:05 am

TD Bank drop off- 9:25 am

Bancroft In-Town Route- 10:00 AM-2:00PM

No Frills Pick up- 2:25 pm

Leave Bancroft- 2:30 pm

Cardiff Community Centre- 3:00 pm

McGillvray Road- 3:15 pm

Paudash-Jack’s Meats- 3:30 pm

Bancroft CCNH Office- 3:45 pm


Charter Service:

Weddings, Family Reunions, Freidnly excursions to the Wilno Tavern, Shuttle Service and any other reason you may need a bus. Give us a call and let us do the driving for you. Be safe, comfortable and enjoy your time with an exclusive charter! Do you have a special place you would like to go with a group? Give us a call and we’ll arrange your trip your way!

Call us at 613 332-5757 and leave a message. We will get back to you with a deal!



TROUT offers a variety of planned excursions for adults with disabilities and Seniors on a monthly basis. Don’t miss our fall colour tours in September- spectacular views of the Canadian Shield landscape.

Call us and BOOK NOW! 613 332-5757







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Ottawa Tulip Festival. May 18th, 2016

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tulip fest2


Riverdance 20th anniversary world tour. May 25th, 2016

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