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 The Rural Overland Utility Transit (TROUT) Public Transit Service is proud to play a prominent role in the sustainability of our regional community. We provide transportation service to seven municipalities in the north half of Hastings County and one municipality in the County of Haliburton, in a sparsely populated area of Southeastern Ontario.

The Town of Bancroft, Ontario, goods and services hub of the region, has undertaken a sustainability initiative, striking a Committee of Council to define sustainability concepts, explore avenues of sustainability, and plan for a better future.

The Committee states that, “Sustainable Bancroft is about sharing a common purpose: sustaining a community where people thrive and enjoy a good quality of life.”

A comprehensive report titled, Sustainable Bancroft: An Integrated Community Sustainability Plan sustainable-bancroft-logo-webfor Bancroft, Ontario, was prepared to serve as a guide.  The plan identifies four “pillars of sustainability” – Economic, Environmental, Social, and Cultural – that contribute to the growth, health, and wellbeing of a thriving community. The report identifies transportation as “a core component of a sustainable community,” and TROUT Public Transit addresses all four sustainability pillars.

From an economic standpoint, public transit supports the local economy by connecting riders with goods and services. The TROUT connects riders to 95 percent of Bancroft businesses. Further, our public transit service provides local jobs for bus drivers and administration staff, and contributes dollars to local businesses for bus maintenance, fuel, media promotion and a host of other expenditures.

Environmentally, public transit conserves fuel and limits harmful emissions into the atmosphere by transporting groups of people in one vehicle, a green alternative to personal vehicle transportation.

From a social perspective, public transit facilitates social interaction among bus riders, allowing them to meet and greet others on the bus and in the stores. TROUT Transit Operators are aware of, and sensitive to, the social and mental health benefits of social interaction and actively encourage, and engage in, conversation and fellowship on the bus.

And, finally, public transit supports the cultural pillar of sustainability by affording non-driving residents access to cultural events and activities.

The TROUT is an active and enthusiastic participant in the sustainability of our community. We are committed to embracing our culture, promoting our economy, protecting our environment, and enhancing the social wellbeing of our citizens with safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation.

Author: John Keith, Manager of Transportation Services