TROUT Free Rides Day to Support Local Shopping

The Rural Overland Utility Transit (TROUT) provided free public transportation in the Town of Bancroft on Saturday, December 1, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in conjunction with the “Shop Local Gift Fair.” Transit service was conducted along the 21-stop Bancroft route facilitating access to 95% of Bancroft businesses, services, and in-town activities. Special stops were made twice hourly at the Gift Fair.

During the day, fixed route service was supplemented with specialized transit to provide door-to-door service for seniors and adults with physical disabilities. Time was also diverted from the regular fixed route schedule to bring people to, and participate in, the Bancroft Santa Claus Parade.

Public transit is coveted as “a core component of a sustainable community” in the Sustainable Bancroft Report (p. 17). The TROUT “Free Rides Day” initiative on December 1, 2012, addressed all four pillars of sustainability identified in the Sustainability Report.

From an economic standpoint, a fundamental objective of the “Free Rides Day” public transit initiative was to support the local economy by promoting the benefits of shopping locally, and providing free transportation to goods, services, and cultural activities in Bancroft all day long.

From a social perspective, public transit facilitates social interaction among bus riders, allowing them to meet and greet others on the bus and in the stores. TROUT Transit Operators are aware of, and sensitive to, the social and mental health benefits of social interaction and actively encourage, and engage in, conversation and fellowship on the bus.

Culturally, “Free Rides Day” facilitated access by the public (notably some of our neighbours with mobility issues and other physical disabilities) to the Bancroft Santa Claus Parade. And, the bus was full of passengers who chose to ride the TROUT during the parade. Also, the TROUT made stops twice hourly at the “Gift Fair.”

Environmentally, public transit conserves fuel and limits harmful emissions into the atmosphere by transporting groups of people in one vehicle, a green alternative to personal vehicle transportation.

The Rural Overland Utility Transit (TROUT) – your public transit service – is an active and enthusiastic participant in the sustainability of our community. We are committed to embracing our culture, promoting our economy, protecting our environment, and enhancing the social wellbeing of our citizens with safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation.

Thank you for your consideration.


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