RE: Beware of the Cracks

copy-TROUT-Logo-colour-WEB.jpgFirst let me say hello to you all as I have recently started with the TROUT after re-locating to the Bancroft area from Toronto. We will be bringing to you news, media, white papers on rural transit as we build the TROUT to be one of the leaders in Rural Transit.

As I was doing research I came across this article “Beware the Cracks” by Barabra Dean Simmions regarding the new EI rules and rural communities. The gist is that with the new EI rules you have to accept any position offered to you or your off assistance….great for urban areas but not so much for rural. I agree with Barbara that the minds that made this new rule really didn’t put a lot of thought into rural communities and the fall out effect.

This will be a challenge for our own community although with one difference….we have the TROUT. The TROUT is such an asset, especially for me…I don’t drive like many urban dwellers, having a car in the city is too expensive and there is no need. Here the need is great from weekly errands, daily commuting, appointments, and most of all having an escape from social isolation.

The TROUT is growing and learning and so far it has been an interesting and challenging road to travel and we invite all to Catch the TROUT – We’re going places!

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