Public transit safest mode of transportation, study says

Vancouver — If you wanna be safe, take the bus – and leave the motorbike on blocks.

That’s the conclusion from a new study on the relative safety of the car, bicycle, and motorcycle as opposed to walking and public transit.

Buses and public transit are the safest, while motorbikes are the most dangerous.

Canada is about twice as dangerous as the model transportation nation – tiny Holland, with its hordes of cyclists – and considerably safer than the most dangerous nation, the car-crazed United States.

Meghan Winters led a group of Simon Fraser University and University of B.C. researchers who found that 200 B.C. lives would be saved each year if we could emulate the safe streets of the Netherlands.

“Lower speeds, and put in separate areas dedicated for cyclists and walkers,” said Winters, when asked where she’d start to make Vancouver safer.

Winters endorses Vancouver’s efforts to make cycling and walking safer, with a growing network of greenways and separated bike paths, plus traffic-calming roundabouts.

Concerned about a spike in pedestrian deaths, Vancouver also recently lowered the speed limit to 30 km/ hour on a high-volume Downtown Eastside corridor as a pilot project.

“Reducing speeds lowers the severity of the injuries,” said Winters, an SFU assistant professor of health sciences

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