International Public Transit: Public hearing held on transportation rate increase

YORK – Slight increases will likely take place regarding York County Public Transportation System.

Right now, it costs $2 for an out-of-city ride on the county’s bus. If the commissioners move forward with the change, the rate will increase to $4.

Also, it costs $10 for out-of-county round trips on the county bus. It’s proposed that this particular rate should change to $12.

A public hearing on the matter was held Tuesday morning, with no one speaking against the rate increases.

As explained earlier, the potential exists for a significant drop in state and federal funding for the program. Higher fuel costs also play into the equation.

Lori Byers, the director of Area on Aging, who oversees the HandiBus and Busy Wheels program, says the rates have not increased for a long period of time.

She said the in-town fare would remain at $2.

As far as drastic cuts in outside funding, the commissioners have signed off on a letter Byers addressed to the public transportation engineer at the Nebraska Department Roads, explaining the county’s stance on funding formulas.

“If we had to go with 50 percent less of state and federal funding, I don’t know how we would do what we do now,” Byers said during an earlier meeting. “We would need to operate on bare bones, cut back hours, etc.”

A decision on the matter will take place in two weeks.

Author: Melanie Wilkinson

Source: YorkNewsTimes

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