BCT NOW OPERATING TROUT!!  bancroft-community-transit-logo-web

Bancroft Community Transit is assuming operations of TROUT transit!  The CCNH Board of Directors would like to thank the BCT Board, BCT Manager Gwen Coish and R&L Buslines Laurie Evans for engaging in visionary discussions to arrive at this decision.  Gratitude as well to all surrounding Municipalities, Town of Bancroft, Hastings County, Ontario Public Transit Association, Canadian Urban Transit Association and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for their support of negotiations and the process of transferring operations.  A united community transportation system will strengthen transit in our community by maximizing funds available to the region through gas tax dollars.  TROUT clients will be contacted by BCT to register for service under Bancroft Community Transit  . 

Operations will continue as is – please call the TROUT bus driver cell for a pick up at 613-332-8735 or call BCT at 613-332-2732 for more information! Or fill out the feedback form if you would like to be contacted… 

TOP 10 REASONS To Take the TROUT – Your Rural Transit System!

 10. Health: you get a fitness walk to and from the bus stop!

9. Take a Time Out: it’s precious, so enjoy doing nothing and re-charge your batteries!

8. Power Naps: sneak a few extra winks on your way to work or school!

7. Time Management: you can catch up on your reading or write out your grocery or to-do lists!

6. Environment: leaving your vehicle at home results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a healthier community!

5. Efficiency: 15 people riding one bus is better than each person in 15 separate cars!

4. Accessibility: fully accessible using the automated lift – ride relaxed, with a chauffeur you can trust!

3. Comfort and Convenience: a warm bus beats a cold car and icy wind shield during Bancroft winters!

2. Economy: no parking fees or fuel costs! (and your vehicle will last longer).

1. Bragging Rights: You get to say: “I rode a TROUT!”. A wonderful fish tale!