Top 10 Reasons..

..  To Take the TROUT – Your Rural Public Transit System!

 10. Health: you get a fitness walk to and from the bus stop!

9. Take a Time Out: it’s precious, so enjoy doing nothing and re-charge your batteries!

8. Power Naps: sneak a few extra winks on your way to work or school!

7. Time Management: you can catch up on your reading or write out your grocery or to-do lists!

6. Environment: leaving your vehicle at home results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a healthier community!

5. Efficiency: 15 people riding one bus is better than each person in 15 separate cars!

4. Relaxation: ride relaxed, with a chauffeur you can trust!

3. Comfort and Convenience: a warm bus beats a cold car and icy wind shield during Bancroft winters!

2. Economy: no parking fees or fuel costs! (and your vehicle will last longer).

1. Bragging Rights: You get to say: “I rode a TROUT!”. A wonderful fish tale!